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Now more than ever God is calling on the church to be generous in our support of all in spiritual and material need.  Your generosity empowers us to help those who are hurting and to share God's inclusive love with all in our midst.  

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Sowing seed for our great love of children

                                    One of the great loves of the United Church of Christ is the love of children and youth.

Supporting our one week of summer camp is one of the primary expressions of that great love that we do together as a conference.  Year after year church camp experiences have developed life long memories for our youth and children.

In the last two years, 2020, and now 2021, church camp has had to be canceled due to COVID19.   We want our children and staff to be safe, so it is necessary to wait until all can become vaccinated before we return to camp.

In the meantime, we have the opportunity to participate in the Sow the Seed Offering.

This SW offering, and one that is a part of the 7-for-7 offerings, is an offering to provide scholarships for youth to attend youth retreats and camp.  Our youth programs are the best and we want all children to be able to participate.   Scholarships can help families with the cost, when the fees are challenging.

This April, we are collecting monies for the Sow the Seed Offering and it will help to support next year’s campers.  You can participate by writing a check and sending it to the church, or you can use the Give feature on the website, designating Sow the Seed in the dropdown box.

Thank you, Desert Palm, for supporting our children and youth!