Together in partnership with the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ we are a progressive presence on the campuses of Arizona State University.  

spiritual support & community for all young adults

all are welcome

Join us every Thursday evening at 6:30pm in June for our new online group for all young adults. Please contact Andrew for the link (

We have young adults from across California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas signed up.  We specifically are creating a space to support people just out of college who are looking for meaningful community and spiritual engagement. 

ucc at asu campus ministry

on campus groups & events

All our groups and events are free of charge and open to everyone to join.

No membership or pre-invitation is required.  All are welcome.

  • worship

    Worship will be offered in-person and outside this Fall on the Tempe campus-after it cools down a little :)

  • dinner group

    We will be offering a free dinner group at a restaurant near the Tempe campus this Fall.  Stay tuned!

ucc at asu campus ministry

trips and programs

All students are invited to join us for our adventures and advocacy work.

  • adventures

    Together we enjoy Arizona adventures away from campus to take a break from the books. These trips are low costs and scholarships to cover the full cost are available.  

  • sharing kindness

    This Fall we will be offering expressions of kindness, inclusion, and invitation by doing nice things for others across campus.  

who we are

We are an inclusive Christian campus ministry that welcomes all ASU students.  Our faith is what challenges us and empowers us to build meaningful friendships and to understand and celebrate the ways God is at work through each of us.

We invite you to live out your Faith Without Fear and experience God's unconditional love through our supportive campus community.

our campus minister

andrew ponder williams

Andrew has been formed through meaningful  ministry experiences  from Capitol Hill, to the United Nations, congregations along the Pacific Coast, and churches in the Southwest. He has served United Church of Christ and United Methodist congregations. Here at Desert Palm Andrew shepherds our youth, young adults, and our UCC at ASU campus ministry. Andrew is a Member in Discernment and is working towards ordination in the United Church of Christ. 

Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Rockhurst University, a Jesuit University in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and a Certificate in Religion, Activism, and Social Justice from Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. Andrew and his husband Ashton, who he met while traveling for ministry work, live in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoy traveling together. Andrew is a vegetarian of 17 years and enjoys writing and hiking.